Bryan Mintz a Featured Speaker at NJ Law Event

Mintz & Geftic’s Bryan H. Mintz was a featured speaker last month at a New Jersey legal seminar.  The seminar, titled “The Rules of Evidence: A Practical Toolkit,” was presented by the National Business Institute and held at a hotel in Newark, NJ on June 21st.

At the event, both Bryan and Jeffrey Strauss, of counsel to Mintz & Geftic, presented to other New Jersey attorneys and legal professionals.

The following excerpt from the event’s agenda details the topics covered by Bryan and Jeff:

1:00 – 1:45, Bryan H. Mintz and Jeffrey E. Strauss

  1. Practical Application of the “Big Six” to Real-World Courtroom Events
    1. Hearsay Objections
    2. Motion in Limine, Motion to Exclude and Motion to Strike
    3. Motions for Sanctions
    4. Curtailing Speaking Objection
    5. Use of the Sidebar Conference
    6. Jury Instructions After the Objection
  2. Preserving Evidentiary Issues for Appeal
    1. Timing and Frequency of Objections
    2. Specificity of Objections
    3. Motions in Limine
    4. Offers of Proof


Bryan’s proven track record in the New Jersey legal industry made him a valuable resource to those in attendance.

The Elizabeth based attorney represents the injured victims of car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents and medical malpractice. In addition, Bryan has had success in a number of class action lawsuits, often representing the victims of wage and hour violations.

Jeffrey Strauss’s decades of experience and impressive trial background offered attendees a wealth of legal knowledge.

As a longtime litigator, Mr. Strauss has obtained numerous verdicts and settlements for his clients over the years.

He has been involved in some significant New Jersey lawsuits, including as co-counsel in obtaining a $21 million jury verdict involving inflicted brain injuries to an infant by foster parents.

Both Bryan and Jeff have been named to the NJ Super Lawyer list several times, with Bryan making it on the “Top 100” list just this past year.

If you’d like to see more about the recent seminar, you can click here to access the event’s page.

To contact Bryan or the team at Mintz & Geftic today, call 908-352-2323 or click here to send us a message.


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