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Burn Injury


Burns are among the most common household injuries, especially in children. The term “burn” means more than the burning sensation associated with this injury. Burns are characterized by severe skin damage. Depending on the cause and degree of injury, most people can recover from burns without serious health consequences. More serious burns require immediate emergency medical care to prevent complications and death.

burn injury lawyers at Mintz and Geftic Elizabeth, NJBurns are categorized as first, second, third-degree, fourth-degree.  Each degree is based on the severity of damage to the skin, with first degree being the most minor and fourth degree being the most severe.

  • First degree burns: red, non-blistered skin
  • Second-degree burns: blisters and some thickening of the skin
  • Third-degree burns: widespread thickness with a white, leathery appearance
  • Fourth-degree burns: damage extends beyond the skin into tendons and bones

Burns have a variety of causes, including:

  • scalding from hot, boiling liquids
  • chemical burns
  • electrical burns
  • fires, including flames from matches, candles, and lighters
  • excessive sun exposure

The type of burn is not based on the cause of it. Scalding, for example, can cause all three burns, depending on how hot the liquid is and how long the skin makes contact. Chemical and electrical burns require immediate medical attention even if they do not appear severe on the surface.

Recent Success

Mintz & Geftic obtained a $295,000 settlement for a ten-year-old girl who was burned by scalding hot water when she was an infant.  The burn resulted in scarring on the child’s breast and chest.  Since the settlement monies were directed to be held in trust for a minor, an Essex County Superior Judge approved the settlement.

New Jersey and New York Burn Injury Attorneys

Call Mintz & Geftic at 1-800-894-2320 or send us an email. Our burn injury attorneys serve clients throughout New Jersey, and New York, including the cities of Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Hackensack, and Morris, Bergen, Hudson, Union and Middlesex counties. We have offices in Elizabeth, New Jersey and New York City.


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