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worker sweating and suffering in extreme heat

28 Jul: New Jersey Heat Wave: What Every Worker Needs to Know

New Jersey Heat Wave Extreme heat in Arizona and Texas? Okay, that makes sense. Extreme heat in New Jersey? “Fuhgeddaboudit!” Here we are in the midst of the first true heat wave of the year! Cities like Trenton, Newark, Jersey City and Elizabeth are all looking at record-high temperatures this week. For the men and women having to work outside in this extreme heat, please be safe! As is the case with other job hazards and work-related injuries and accidents, workers have rights when it comes to the heat. Attention New Jersey workers: Beware of the deadly risks of occupational heat exposure! Excessive heat…


20 Jun: New Jersey Auto Accidents – What To Expect This SUmmer

As the summer of 2023 begins, the projected outlook for New Jersey’s auto accidents is concerning according to recently released data projections. It is true that advancements in vehicle safety features have helped to reduce some of the risks associated with driving. Unfortunately, however, traffic fatalities, crashes, and accident-related serious injuries are still a significant concern. In this blog post, we will explore the projected figures for auto accidents, including truck accidents, personal injuries, and fatalities, for the upcoming 2023 summer season in New Jersey. We will also discuss available options for those who have been involved in accidents, including the importance of hiring…

Unpaid Wages Blog. Attorney wearing a tie holding sign reading "You Should Know This"

17 May: Unpaid Wages? – Major Changes to “Wage Theft” Law

Do you think you are owed unpaid wages or didn’t get paid for working overtime? If you think you might be the victim of wage theft, it’s important to contact an attorney right away so they can help you understand your legal options. Call or text are wage theft attorney team at 908-352-2323. New Jersey already had some of the most comprehensive wage theft laws in the country. These laws are designed to protect employees from unscrupulous employers. Recent significant changes to these laws have increased protections for employees and made the penalties even harsher for employers. What is Wage Theft? Employers must pay…

vehicle driving into flood or deep water looking out side mirror

24 Apr: iPhone Crash Detection Helps Save Man Submerged in Car

We recently wrote about the new iPhone crash detection feature. That full breakdown can be found on our blog by clicking here.  In short, when a severe crash—such as front-impact, side-impact, rear-end collisions and vehicle rollovers— is detected, your iPhone or Apple Watch will sound an alarm and display an alert on the screen. Users will have 20 seconds to dismiss the alert. If they’re unable to respond in time, emergency services will be called, and the device will share your location with a dispatcher. At the time we discussed how positive this innovation seemed on the surface, but we wanted to wait for…

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