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In gold writing with flag background Memorial Day Remember and Honor with Flag in gold tint

23 May: Memorial Day Dangers: The Hidden Risks on the Road

Memorial Day is a time for honoring those who have served our country, but it also marks one of the most dangerous holidays for drivers. As families and friends gather to celebrate, the increased traffic and festivities contribute to a spike in car accidents and other injuries. Understanding these risks can help keep everyone safer during the holiday weekend. A Surge in Car Crashes Memorial Day weekend has the highest incidence of car crashes compared to other holidays. The reports that car crashes during this period are four times higher than any other holiday. Contributing factors include: 2024 Memorial Day Fatality Estimates The National…

image of intersection along White Horse Pike Highway in New Jersey

23 Mar: Surge in Fatalities on This New Jersey Highway Leads to Initiative

South Jersey’s White Horse Pike has been the site of ongoing traffic tragedies, with a recent spike in fatalities and serious injuries capturing the attention of local authorities. Camden County officials have reported a distressing increase in deadly incidents along the highway, particularly over the past four years. Statistical data from the New Jersey Department of Transportation paints a somber picture—a staggering total of 11,000 accidents since 2010, leading to 3,894 injuries and claiming 80 lives. The year 2023 alone saw eight tragic deaths as a result of collisions on this notorious stretch of road. In one harrowing episode on March 14, a fatal…

santa needs a lawyer

22 Dec: Top 5 Reasons Why Santa Needs A Lawyer

Some of you may have caught our worker’s compensation blog post about the most dangerous jobs in the US.  While jobs on that list certainly qualified as dangerous, there was one that clearly got overlooked. That oversight is Santa Claus and the many workplace hazards he faces in his profession. Let’s consider the full scope of the big guy’s work and point out just a few examples of why he needs to have a lawyer on retainer ASAP. To clear up any concerns regarding a conflict of interest, our law firm does not cover the North Pole region (we are New Jersey Personal Injury and…

worker sweating and suffering in extreme heat

28 Jul: New Jersey Heat Wave: What Every Worker Needs to Know

New Jersey Heat Wave Extreme heat in Arizona and Texas? Okay, that makes sense. Extreme heat in New Jersey? “Fuhgeddaboudit!” Here we are in the midst of the first true heat wave of the year! Cities like Trenton, Newark, Jersey City and Elizabeth are all looking at record-high temperatures this week. For the men and women having to work outside in this extreme heat, please be safe! As is the case with other job hazards and work-related injuries and accidents, workers have rights when it comes to the heat. Attention New Jersey workers: Beware of the deadly risks of occupational heat exposure! Excessive heat…

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