Data Breach Class Actions

Data breaches and hacking have impacted individuals, companies, and even our government.  Companies that have personal and sensitive data must safeguard that information.  There

are laws and industry guidelines that companies must abide by to protect personal and sensitive information.  Oftentimes, simple steps like encrypting data can protect personal information.  However, companies do not always take those simple steps leaving individuals vulnerable.

data breach

Once your data is stolen, it is important to set up credit monitoring.  Unfortunately, there is no timeline on when stolen data will actually be sold off and eventually used by thieves to create new identities, use information to obtain medical services, and jeopardize an individuals credit.

Recent Case:

Mintz & Geftic recently filed the only data breach class action lawsuit pending in the New Jersey State Court as of July 2015.  Mintz & Geftic is representing the interests of a putative class of approximately 800,000 individuals alleging that Horizon Healthcare jeopardized their sensitive and personal data by failing to encrypt the data and take even basic security measures. Mintz & Geftic’s client alleges that Horizon promised to safeguard her sensitive and personal data.  Horizon’s customers paid premiums, in part, to have their data safeguarded.  In this class action lawsuit, the allegations are that Horizon broke that promise and that the class members should get those premiums back.

New Jersey and New York Data Breach Attorneys

Call Mintz & Geftic at 1-800-894-2320 or send us an email. Our data breach attorneys serve clients throughout New Jersey, and New York, including the cities of Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Hackensack, and Essex, Morris, Bergen, Hudson, Union and Middlesex counties. We have offices in Elizabeth, New Jersey and New York City.


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