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Powerful Coalition Formed Against New Jersey’s Workers

Powerful Coalition Formed Against New Jersey's Workers

A couple of months ago we wrote about A Victory for Elizabeth Workers, where we shared the news that Elizabeth had become the 10th municipality in New Jersey to provide paid sick leave to its employees. As Elizabeth’s neighborhood law firm, we at Mintz & Geftic were happy to see the local residents rally together for such a great cause.

We are now less than two weeks away from the date of March 2nd, when this law will go into effect and the hardworking men and women of Elizabeth will finally have access to the benefits that they worked so hard to obtain. However, news came out just today that should remind the people of Elizabeth, and across New Jersey, that they will need to continue making sure their voice is heard. reported that “a coalition of New Jersey business groups announced Friday they’re forming a coalition to launch a campaign against Democratic-backed efforts to raise the minimum wage, mandate paid sick leave and constitutionally require hefty contributions to government worker pensions.”

While we will leave the politics side of the story to the politicians, one thing is perfectly clear from this latest development…there is an alliance being formed among some of New Jersey’s most powerful and influential people and they are trying to put an end to the progress that has been made in cities like Elizabeth.

With the financial resources that a group like this possesses, this is a situation that every worker in the state should be watching closely. Tom Bracken, president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and member of the coalition, reminded everyone of their potential power when speaking today. As reported by, Bracken said that they’re pooling their “immense resources and enormous potential” to kill these proposals.

At Mintz & Geftic, we take great pride in fighting every single day for the rights of hardworking men and women throughout New Jersey, as well as out-of-state workers employed by New Jersey employers. We make sure injured workers obtain workers’ compensation benefits despite difficult employers and insurance company bureaucracy. The workforce is the backbone of our local economy so we treat this area of practice as the backbone of our firm.

We will continue to provide updates on this ongoing battle for the workers of New Jersey.



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