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Seat Back Failure

Elizabeth, New Jersey’s premier personal injury lawyers providing assistance for victims of seat back failure.

Seat back failure is a serious defect in many vehicles that causes numerous injuries and fatalities every single year, often times to children. Seat back failure occurs when a car is rear-ended and the defective front seat breaks at the hinge, sending the occupant backwards into the seat behind them with great force and no restraint.

Rear-end collisions may be caused by distracted driving or texting while driving. Seat back failure can make these types of accidents far more dangerous. At Mintz & Geftic, our seat back failure attorneys have a proven track record of fighting for our clients who have been victims of motor vehicle accidents.


seat back failure accidents

Auto safety experts are demanding action on what they call a serious safety defect.

In early 2016, a Texas jury awarded more than a $124.5 million verdict against one automaker for a problem that car companies admit would only cost a couple of dollars to fix (CBS News). New Jersey drivers, especially those that are parents of young children, need to be aware of the serious danger that seat back failure presents.

The types of cases that our motor vehicle accident lawyers handle include :

Brain Injuries and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI); Bicycle Accidents; Bus Accidents; Drunk Driving Accidents; Distracted Driving; Garden State Parkway Accidents; Head-On Collisions; Seat Back Failure Accidents; Intersection Accidents; Seat Back Failure Accidents; Motorcycle Accidents; New Jersey Turnpike Accidents; Rear-End Collisions; Rollover Accidents; Spinal Cord Injuries;Uninsured/Underinsured Accidents; and Wrongful Death Accidents.


Elizabeth, New Jersey Seat Back Failure lawyers

Our Elizabeth, New Jersey Seat Back Failure lawyers give personal attention to all of our clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident or has been a victim of seat back failure, call us today at 908-352-2323 or send us email by clicking here to evaluate your case.

Our Elizabeth, New Jersey car accident injury lawyers serve clients throughout New Jersey and New York, including the cities of Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Hackensack, and Morris, Bergen, Hudson, Union and Middlesex counties. We have offices in Elizabeth, New Jersey and New York City.



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