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Bryan Mintz, personal injury lawyer, headshot with text 2023 Super Lawyers Mintz & Geftic Law Firm. It lists Top 100 Lawyers 2019 and 2020 along with Super Lawyers list 2014-2023

08 Jun: Bryan Mintz Named Super Lawyer for 10th Straight Year!

New Jersey top personal injury attorney Bryan Mintz has received the Super Lawyer honor for the tenth consecutive year! An attorney being recognized as a New Jersey Super Lawyer in any one year is no small feat. Accomplishing this for a full decade is a major credit to Bryan and the team at Mintz & Geftic Personal Injury Law Firm. 2023 – The Super Lawyer Selection Process  Only five percent of attorneys across the whole state of New Jersey are designated as Super Lawyers each year.  In order to be eligible for this prestigious title, an attorney in New Jersey must go through a…

Bryan Mintz headshot with text 2022 Super Lawyers Mintz & Geftic Law Firm. It lists Top 100 Lawyers 2019 and 2020 along with Super Lawyers list 2014-2022


Bryan Mintz, of New Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm Mintz & Geftic, has been selected to the Super Lawyers list for 2022. Bryan has achieved this recognition for the 9th straight year! This year’s list of attorneys will displayed in Super Lawyers® magazine and other publications. Bryan, and all of the attorneys of Mintz & Geftic, fight on behalf of people that are suffering with serious injuries. This includes representing the injured victims of car and truck accidents, slip and falls accidents, construction accidents, and work-related accidents, including workers’ compensation claims. With offices in Elizabeth and throughout New Jersey, Mintz & Geftic Law Firm will fight…

14 Dec: $400,000 Settlement For Major Injuries in Rear-End Accident

  $400,000 settlement for major injuries suffered in a rear-end accident on RT 31 in Washington Township, New Jersey .  This rear-end accident involved a truck hitting our client from behind.  Our client sustained post concusion syndrome, or mild traumatic brain injury, after she was struck by a truck in the accident. She underwent years of cognitive and speech therapy. (Warren County, 2021)

17 Aug: Bryan Mintz a Featured Speaker at Auto Injury Litigation Seminar

Mintz & Geftic’s Bryan H. Mintz was a featured speaker at a recent New Jersey legal seminar.  The seminar titled “Auto Injury Litigation From Start to Finish” was presented by the National Business Institute.  This year’s event was presented virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The virtual event on “Auto Injury Litigation” was attended by a number of New Jersey attorneys along with several other legal professionals. The following excerpt from the event’s agenda details the topics covered by Bryan : Auto Injury Litigation From Start to Finish – Get the Best Auto Settlement for Your Client I. Case Intake, Pre-Suit InvestigationBryan H. Mintz …

iPhones to Block Drivers from Texting

13 Jun: iPhones to Block Drivers from Texting

  Questions for New Jersey Drivers What happens when you are driving along the roads of New Jersey and your phone dings with a notification or message? Do you resist the urge to check it? Unfortunately, many people are not resisting this temptation and the numbers of accident-related injuries and deaths from distracted driving are climbing. Do you ever see other drivers staring endlessly at their phones and wonder if they might actually be watching a whole movie as they navigate through traffic on the NJ Turnpike? Do you ever see other drivers typing like crazy on their phones and think they are trying…

New Jersey Pedestrian Deaths - Latest Report is Alarming

18 Apr: New Jersey Pedestrian Deaths – Latest Report is Alarming

  “Pedestrians now account for the largest proportion of traffic fatalities recorded in the past 25 years” ( The latest numbers are alarming when it comes to pedestrian accidents in New Jersey and around the country. As New Jersey accident lawyers, we at Mintz & Geftic represent clients that have been injured in all types of serious accidents. This includes car accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, as well as accidents involving pedestrians. Readers in some of the state’s more rural counties might not face a major threat when it comes to pedestrian accidents. However, here in Elizabeth and in surrounding cities like Newark…


01 Mar: Alert for New Jersey Uber Passengers & Drivers

A New Jersey bill has been signed into law that will regulate ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft in the Garden State. This new law, known as the Transportation Network Company (TNC) Safety and Regulatory Act, includes some important info that effects both drivers and passengers. Here’s the top things you should know: Insurance Coverage for Uber Passengers Injured in Accidents In the past, auto insurance companies have told ride-share passengers injured in accidents that their personal policies would not cover them. Under this new law, every passenger will now be covered. As New Jersey accident lawyers, this part of the law is something…