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Driving in Snow and Ice – Facts vs. Fiction

Cars and trucks on snow covered highway during snowstorm - Mintz and Geftic Personal Injury Law Firm

New Jersey is bracing for a major snowstorm. At this point it seems forecasters have narrowed the potential snowfall down to somewhere between flurries and two feet of snow.

In addition to the wind and snow, apparently this storm could also develop into a (cue the Jaws music) ………BOMB CYCLONE!!!

Did some news editor decide that the term nor’easter wasn’t getting them enough clicks anymore and just replace it with the coolest word they could think of? If so, great job by that guy (or girl)!

While we’ve had some snowy days around the state this winter, this storm is going to be the first BOMB CYCLONE of the season . At least we think it is.  After all, we’re just a law firm. If you want real weather facts, we recommend checking out a site like If you want real facts within our areas of expertise, then check out the list below “The Top Wintry Weather Driving Myths.”

Top Wintry Weather Driving Myths

Myth #1: Most serious icy road crashes are caused by careless drivers.

Studies indicate that most serious weather-related car accidents and truck accidents result from drivers who were NOT operating their vehicles in a careless manner. In most cases, they are driving normally at reasonable speeds when they suddenly encounter ice and crash.

“Wait, then does that mean my chances of staying safe are actually better if I drive carelessly and at higher speeds?”

No. Of course not.

Myth #2: I’m a good driver, and I have the skill and experience to drive highway speeds in ice and snow conditions.

On the contrary, a common factor in many of the most serious and fatal auto crashes is overconfidence in one’s abilities and/or equipment.

“The dumbest people I know are those who know it all.” – Malcolm Forbes

Myth #3: Winter tires, 4WD, AWD, stability control, ABS and/or traction control allow for safe travel on icy roads at highway speeds.

“The reality is that there is no technology, no tire nor any vehicle type that allows SAFE travel on any type of icy road (snow, sleet or freezing rain) at speeds greater than 45mph. Not traction control, electronic stability control, 4WD, AWD, antilock brakes or the most expensive brand-new snow tires.”

Myth #4: Everyone should buy winter tires – that would prevent most icy road accidents.

See Previous myth

Myth #5: The worst icy road dangers are during big winter storms.

“The road ice hazard isn’t the minor fender-benders or slide-offs common during snowstorms. The real danger is the serious, highway-speed crashes during light icing events that take drivers by surprise.  Most accidents in snowstorms happen at the onset of the storm or on its fringes, where accumulations are lower.”

Myth #6: Salt, sand and plow truck crews are there to make roads safe for high-speed travel during snow and ice conditions, 100% of the time.

New Jersey’s road crews work extremely hard plowing and salting the roads to keep them passable.  However, they can only treat so many roads at a time and sometimes keeping up during a storm just isn’t possible.  Regardless, even roads that are treated aren’t usually in ideal condition or safe for traveling at highway speeds.

Myth #7: Icy roads are a bigger threat in colder climates where ice and snow are more common.

“The fatality and death rates per mile and per hour of winter precipitation events are actually higher in regions that only see a handful of snow and ice events each year.”

As a top personal injury law firm, we have represented seriously injured victims of accidents across New Jersey for over thirty years. As the winter weather comes, the number of car accidents and truck accidents always rises. The amounts of serious injuries, and unfortunately tragic deaths, resulting from accidents also spikes during snowstorms.

Take it slow in the snow!

MINTZ & GEFTIC – New Jersey Wintry Weather and Snow Storm Accident Lawyers

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