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What To Do If You Are Hurt On The Job


Attention all New Jersey workers. As New Jersey’s top workers’ compensation lawyers, we wanted to ensure our clients and readers knew what steps to take when injured while working.

If you get hurt on the job, you should first notify your employer as soon as possible.  Ideally, you should speak with a supervisor or someone else at your workplace with the authority to make an accident report.  If you are not at your employer’s place of business when the accident or injury occurs (for example, if you are at a client’s place of business or on a job site) and if you cannot speak to your supervisor, personnel officer, or human resources, then make sure you demand to talk to someone with authority.

Next, you should tell them when, how, and where the injury occurred and ask them where to go for medical attention.  You should also write down the date and name of the person to whom you gave the work injury report.  Also ask for a copy of this work injury report.

In order to make sure that all medical bills are paid promptly and sent to the correct place, you should ask for the name of the worker’s compensation insurance company.  Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company should pay all medical bills for work related injuries.  Only use your health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare if absolutely necessary.

If your employer tells you to see your family doctor or primary physician and use your health insurance, you should contact a New Jersey worker’s compensation lawyer as soon as possible to avoid treatment and billing problems.


Elizabeth, New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

We give personal attention to all of our clients. If you or a loved one has been injured while working or as a result of heat-related illness, call our New Jersey lawyers today at 908-352-2323 or send us an email by clicking here to evaluate your case.

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