Why Does Santa Need a Lawyer?

santa needs a lawyer

Some of you may have caught our worker’s compensation blog post about the most dangerous jobs in the US.  While the jobs cited in that post certainly qualified as dangerous, there was one that clearly got overlooked.

That oversight is Santa Claus and the many workplace hazards he faces in his profession. Let’s consider the full scope of the big guy’s work and point out just a few examples of why he needs to have a lawyer on retainer ASAP.

1. Accident Lawyer – We all know that our favorite reindeer Rudolph has bailed Santa out on several foggy Christmas Eves with his brilliant red nose. However, when traveling under such dangerous flying conditions while also in such a rush, the law of averages says our jolly old friend is due for a fender-bender one of these years. Let’s also not forget the amount of cargo he has to carry, as toys for every single boy and girl must equal some serious tonnage.

2. Personal Injury Lawyer – A large man with a chubby physique going down a chimney wearing a flammable suit while carrying a big bag of toys. Enough said.

3. Workers’ Compensation Lawyer – This one applies more to the elves working their tiny butts off in Santa’s factory. With around the clock labor in the workshop, those little laborers are bound to encounter some work-related injuries.

4. Wage and Hour Violations Lawyer – Another one for the elves perhaps. When the holiday season approaches and production is lagging, wage and hour violations might come into play as the demand for labor drastically increases. Is Santa paying these little guys with big hearts fairly for their overtime labor? That is the big question.

5. Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer – This one didn’t come to mind initially, but then we came across the video footage of Santa below.

Rest assured Santa was not hurt at all in the filming of this video; he is fully healthy and ready to go for Christmas Eve.  In the meantime, we’ll try to track down a good North Pole law firm for him just in case.

Happy Holidays to all! Bring on 2021 (finally)!


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