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26 Mar: How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth? – Accident Injury Blog

“How much is my case worth?” Clients that we meet with are dealing with serious accident injuries like broken bones, burns, severe back pain, or traumatic brain injury. They may have been involved in a serious car or truck accident. They may have taken a bad fall, possibly slipping on ice or snow. They may have been injured on the job in a work accident or construction accident. These accident victims are now forced to miss work while seeing their medical bills piling up. Many are awaiting surgery and unable to even walk on their own into our office. With good reason, these clients…


16 Feb: Generators – Pros, Cons and Lawsuits

We have already seen record-setting snowfall across much of New Jersey this winter. Now, in addition to more snow in the forecast, meteorologists are predicting significant icing in the next couple of rounds of storms. Residents of New Jersey clearly understand the impact of ice storms. Roadways turn into a dangerous skating rink. The number of serious car accidents increases. The number of serious injuries from slip and fall accidents increases. And, of course, the number of power outages skyrockets.  There are two words that power companies never want to hear in the winter. freezing rain. Utility workers will be working hard, risking work-related injuries…

car windshield view on snow covered highway


2020 is turning into the year that just won’t seem to go away. It has wreaked havoc on the people of New Jersey and across the rest of the world. From the continued devastation and tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic to the extreme divisiveness of the political landscape, history books will circle 2020 as a low-point for our nation in many respects. We all want to finally turn the calendar to 2021 and get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, for those of us in New Jersey, it looks like 2020 still has one more punch to deliver in…

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