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Fourth of July Fireworks. New Jersey outline lit up in center of sky surrounded by Fourth of July fireworks. From Mintz & Geftic Injury Lawyers Blog

01 Jul: A Fourth of July Top 10 – Fireworks, Traffic,Ketchup & More

The Fourth of July in New Jersey What is the leading cause of injuries on the Fourth of July? What type of firework causes the most injuries on the Fourth of July? Which gender suffers the most injuries on the 4th of July?  Some of these answers may surprise you (see #1 below)…and some of these may not (see #3 below).  Let’s get right to the list: Fourth of July Dangers – Top 10 Most Interesting Facts The type of firework device causing the most injuries on Fourth of July are sparklers. According to the National Fire Protection Association, sparklers alone account for more…

New Jersey Heat Wave - Risks and Rights for Workers from New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers

29 Jun: New Jersey Workers – Know Your Rights in Extreme Heat

New Jersey Heat Wave When the summer arrives in New Jersey and the first heat wave rolls in, there’s plenty of things we can count on. People will be driving down the Garden State Parkway to enjoy time at the Jersey Shore. Some might decide to go tubing down the Delaware River. And, unfortunately, several New Jersey workers will be suffering from heat-related illness. New Jersey Workers – Occupational Heat Exposure – Deadly Risks A heat wave brings about deadly risks. Every year, thousands of workers become sick from occupational heat exposure, and some even die. In 2015, nationwide 2,830 workers suffered from heat illness and 37 workers…

construction workers in city working on scaffolding

14 Jun: New Jersey County’s Construction Deaths Draw Attention From OSHA

  As a New Jersey law firm that specializes in work-related injuries, we understand just how dangerous construction sites can be. We have over thirty years of experience representing seriously injured victims of construction accidents throughout New Jersey.  While there are several hazards for workers on any job site, the leading cause of construction fatalities has remained the same for decades, that is falls from dangerous heights. Sadly, this statistic has hit home recently in Essex County with two workers losing their lives and others suffering from severe injuries. As reported by Patch , these deaths have gotten the attention of the U.S. Department…

personal injury

26 Mar: How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth? – Accident Injury Blog

“How much is my case worth?” Clients that we meet with are dealing with serious accident injuries like broken bones, burns, severe back pain, or traumatic brain injury. They may have been involved in a serious car or truck accident. They may have taken a bad fall, possibly slipping on ice or snow. They may have been injured on the job in a work accident or construction accident. These accident victims are now forced to miss work while seeing their medical bills piling up. Many are awaiting surgery and unable to even walk on their own into our office. With good reason, these clients…

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