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16 Feb: Generators – Pros, Cons and Lawsuits

We have already seen record-setting snowfall across much of New Jersey this winter. Now, in addition to more snow in the forecast, meteorologists are predicting significant icing in the next couple of rounds of storms. Residents of New Jersey clearly understand the impact of ice storms. Roadways turn into a dangerous skating rink. The number of serious car accidents increases. The number of serious injuries from slip and fall accidents increases. And, of course, the number of power outages skyrockets.  There are two words that power companies never want to hear in the winter. freezing rain. Utility workers will be working hard, risking work-related injuries…

portable generator outside on green grass with cord attached - Mintz & Geftic

14 Aug: Portable Generators – Benefits, Dangers & Lawsuits

As the summer rolls along, we all continue living out the novel 2020 by Stephen King. Earlier this month we turned the page to the latest chapter, “Severe Weather and Mass Power Outages.” The effects of Tropical storm Isaias were major in New Jersey.  There were 1.4 million customers without power immediately following the storm. By comparison, Superstorm Sandy caused 1.7 million customer outages. These outages had people across the Garden State dealing with no power for days while also enduring extreme heat and humidity. Utility workers were working hard, risking work-related injuries and putting in long hours and overtime each day while working…


16 Sep: Defective Products or Product Liability

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Federal agency charged with overseeing the safety of most products sold in the U.S., recalls hundreds of products each year due to safety concerns.  Defective consumer products may cause serious injuries.  Product liability cases are usually due to the improper design, defective manufacture of the product and/or inadequate warnings or lack of warnings on a product. The product could be just about anything you buy, such as a car, household appliance, electronic equipment, hand tools, etc. Nearly any product can be defective, but some of the most serious product defects include : •Faulty electrical wiring •Age-inappropriate toys that…