New Jersey


16 Dec: NJ Supreme Court Limits Workers’ Compensation for Cardiovascular Injuries

The New Jersey Supreme Court decided last week in the case of Renner v. AT&T that a Workers’ Compensation claimant is not entitled to compensation for a cardiovascular injury, disease or death, unless the claimant can show that the cardiovascular injury resulted from a work effort or strain involving a substantial condition or event.  This case has broad ramifications for New Jersey workers who suffer injuries such as heart attacks or pulmonary embolisms at work and seek workers’ compensation benefits for those injuries.


15 Dec: NJ Supreme Court: No Benefits for “Going and Coming”

In the recent case of Hersh v. County of Morris, the New Jersey Supreme Court considered the issues of whether a plaintiff who was injured while crossing a public street as she walked from a private garage, where she had employer-paid parking, to her office a few blocks away was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.