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Top St. Patrick’s Day Lawsuits

St. Patrick's Day lawsuits from Top NJ Injury Lawyers. Elizabeth, Short Hills Mintz & Geftic

St. Patrick’s Day is here again.

Many of us are wearing green and a few might even be displaying one of those “kiss me, I’m Irish” buttons.

St. Patrick’s Day parades are on tap in many cities, as are the pints of Guinness in many Irish pubs.

Many Irish Americans (and some non-Irish Americans) will be enjoying some corned beef and cabbage.

Some kids will be on the hunt for those silly leprechauns to see what kind of mischief they might be up to. While some of us that saw the 90’s horror movie Leprechaun might still be trying to erase the image of this leprechaun from our minds.

One other less-known tradition for some on St. Patrick’s Day is the filing of a lawsuit. As we mentioned on Christmas and discussed on Valentine’s Day, regardless of the holiday, people will be getting sued.

As a top law firm in Elizabeth (AND NOW SHORT HILLS TOO), we at Mintz & Geftic have been handling important workers compensation, personal injury and medical malpractice cases for over 25 years.

We certainly understand the value in filing a lawsuit and our attorneys take pride in fighting for the hardworking men and women of New Jersey on a daily basis.

Are each of these lawsuits as worthy as those we file for our injured clients? You be the judge:


1. Woman Sues Over Alleged Injuries from St. Patrick’s Day Parade Cabbage

In 2014, a Connecticut woman filed a lawsuit against the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club. The woman claimed that during that year’s parade she was struck in the face by a cabbage, which knocked her down and caused injuries that required several surgeries.

The woman’s lawsuit stated that the cabbage was tossed “through the deliberate and wanton act or gross negligence of the unidentified float rider.” The lawsuit was ultimately settled before going to trial and we hope the injured woman has long since fully recovered from her injuries.

For those of you attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade this year, be sure to keep your eyes out for flying objects and maybe even bring a baseball glove.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Sexual Harassment Lawsuit (One of Many)

If a holiday is largely centered around celebrations that involve alcohol, you can count on a couple of things. Drunk-driving cases will be on the rise and lawsuits involving inappropriate conduct will be far more prevalent.

One example of inappropriate conduct occurred a few years ago in Michigan on St. Patrick’s Day, when a woman sued her employer for sexual harassment.

“When the employer found the plaintiff bending over a file, he pinched her butt. When she told him he was out of line, he laughed and responded that she was not wearing green.” (Byellin,

At Mintz & Geftic, we represent workers not only in workers’ compensation and negligence cases, but also fight for our clients when it comes to any type of workplace discrimination.  Whether it involves harassment as this particular St. Patrick’s Day lawsuit did, or something like wage theft or construction accidents, we help employees in Elizabeth, Short Hills and throughout New Jersey in any workplace-related matters.

3. Yet Another St. Patrick’s Day Parade Lawsuit

Remember my advice above to parade goers about keeping your eyes out for flying objects and maybe bringing a baseball glove.

Well that advice also goes for those people actually in the parade, although the baseball glove wouldn’t have helped in this next case.

In 2002, a rider of a float in a St. Patrick’s Day parade was injured when she was struck in the head by an audio speaker. The speaker was knocked down from atop the float by an overhanging tree branch.


Okay, some new legal advice, wear a helmet too. Or maybe just enjoy the parade on television this year.


Have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day!!!



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